Grab your favourite drink put your feet up and indulge yourself. It's time for you and this is your invitation to do just that, relax and have that downtime you've been wanting.

We welcome you to 2B Whole Inc. launched online April 30 2009.

A safe home for authentic women;
Be known and accepted; while reaching others .

Our aim is to provide a place where we can relate and we've designed this site with you in mind, a home away from home.
So often we feel that there is no one-else in the world that has gone through anything like what we have and in some ways that is true, but you are not alone and we have stories of hope, of love, and of courage mixed with tragedy to share with you. These stories are about very real women and they will encourage and bring strength. Sharing from the heart; the core of who we are
Perhaps you have a story to share with us, or maybe you have a poem or a news topic you'd like to bring to our attention.
Our home is a place where you can be you; where we can laugh, we can cry, and we can be authentic women to the very core.

Real Stories about Real Women ~ we invite you to participate.